About Planted Forward

Plant Forward

We believe that plants are the foundation to healing

Personalized Care

Each individual is unique and treatment is personalized


Our community keeps us strong and together


We treat the whole patient, not just the disease


Save time and see your provider from anywhere

How we started

Planted Forward was founded in 2021 by Dr. Vanessa Mendez, Dr. Melissa Mondala, and Dr. Micah Yu. We all began practicing traditional medicine in traditional settings; we were expected to heal our patients with the minimum of interaction, as time, we were told, was money. We learned quickly that the expected 15-20 minutes appointments that are reimbursed by insurance were not long enough to get to the root cause of a person’s health issues while still providing an entire therapy plan that would heal our patients. Like many of our colleagues, we found our patients not getting better, which left us feeling defeated and burned out- disillusioned with the practice of medicine.

After a few years, we had had enough! We knew that the best way to help our patients was to get out of the traditional system that was leaving both patient and provider feeling hopeless. So we banded together to form Planted Forward, an organization where healers can best serve their patients through the power of evidence-based, lifestyle, and integrative medicine. We do this by taking the time to listen, assess your whole health (mind, body & spirit) and come up with a therapy plan together that can achieve lasting healing.

Our Providers

Dr. Vanessa Mendez, MD


Dr. Yolanda Rivera-Caudill, MD

Lifestyle Pediatrics Physician

Nicole Harkin

Dr. Nicole Harkin, MD


Natalie Castro, RD

Registered Dietitian

Amanda Sevilla, RD

Registered Dietitian

Jacque Tarlton

Ayten Salahi, RD

Registered Dietitian

Jacque Tarlton

Jacque Tarlton

Health & Fitness Coach

Areas of Expertise

Quality Patient Care

Above all, we treat every patient like we would a family member or dear friend: a valuable human being who deserves the best possible health care.

Multidisciplinary Excellence

Our healthcare team is made up of experts in various fields who value cooperation with one another to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Integrative and Evidence-Based

We understand that our patients are not their symptoms or their diseases, and so we treat you as a whole person; we believe in using an integrative approach to medicine, weighing risks and benefits of different therapies to fit your personalized needs.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions

How do I make an appointment?

You must be registered with Planted Forward to make an appointment. There is no charge to register and no commitment after you register. Once registered you will login to the portal then select “My Appointments”, you will then see:

Step 1. “Selecting a provider”,

Step 2. “Selecting your appointment type”,

then Step 3. “Selecting your appointment time.”

Click here to register!

What does an appointment with you include?

Each of our experts provide different services. See your provider’s pages for more information. 

Do you take insurance?

Planted Forward providers are currently considered out-of-network with all commercial insurances. You can find out from your insurance how much it is to see an out-of-network physician and how much you can get reimbursed for your visit. We can generate a superbill that includes a summary of your visit with diagnosis, charges, and other services to give to your insurance. Planted Forward recommends contacting your insurance to get more information about your benefits before scheduling with us.

Do you see patients throughout the USA?
Planted Forward providers see patients from coast to coast. See your individual provider’s page to see where they can see patients.
Do you see patients outside of the USA?
Yes, through innovative avenues such as telemedicine and our patient portal, Planted Forward offers services internationally.
Do you offer telehealth services?

Yes, a secure HIPAA compliant telehealth platform will allow us to securely text, video chat, and more.

Does insurance cover my labs, medications, and imaging?
When a Planted Forward provider orders labs, medications, and imaging, those orders go through your insurance. The only time you will be paying your provider directly is during your visits.
What are the benefits of Telehealth?
Telehealth offers a timely and affordable healthcare option to everyone. It allows our providers to spend more time with you while respecting your busy schedule. It gives you easy access to a healthcare professional without the long travel times, long waits, or time off from the other important things in your life.

It is safe, too! Our telecommunications network is powered by a HIPAA compliant carrier, meaning that your personal information is secure.

How does pricing work?

Each of Planted Forward providers offers a different pricing structure. See your provider’s page for more information.

What happens if I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

If you cancel your appointment with at least 24 business hours notice, there will not be a cancellation fee. Cancellations without a 24 business hour notice may be subject to a $50 no show/late cancellation fee.