Are You Ready to Level Up Your Health!?Come Join Our 12-Week Virtual Group Coaching Classes

Group Coaching is for you if…

  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired!
  • You want to get healthy, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You’d like to be more plant-based, but you don’t know how to make it work.
  • You’re interested in exercising, but need help getting started.
  • You feel like you want to “get out of your own way.”

How it Works:

  • Each week there is a new topic where you will have self-study on specific lifestyle practices. Click to see Our Weekly Topics.
  • Homework for the week will be focused on the topic of the week and you will customize the lifestyle practice to fit your schedule. 
  • At the end of the week, the group meets for a live 50-minute group coaching session via Zoom.

Each 50-minute live group coaching session includes:

  • Mindful check-in
  • 10-minute presentation on the topic of the week
  • Group sharing on the topic of the week or anything that the client would like to address
  • Close with goal setting around their homework and a sneak peak of the following week’s topic

Group coaching is offered on Tuesdays at Noon ET. We will be adding additional time slots as needed. Stay close to this page for additional day and time offerings. You can also submit day and time requests when you register at Planted Forward.

Group Coaching will start August 30, 2022 with the first live coaching session on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

This group coaching cohort will prepare you to level up your lifestyle and stay healthy through the holidays!

We are offering an early registration price of $995. This includes all of your self-study materials and 50 minutes of LIVE group coaching once per week for 12 weeks. Price increases to $1295 on July 5, 2022.


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“Click “Register Here” to register with Planted Forward. Then, go to “My Appointments” and select “Jacque Tarlton” as your provider, and “12-Week Group Coaching” as your appointment type.

Our Weekly Topics:

Mindful Eating

This week we focus on mindful eating, honoring your hunger, respecting your fullness, and identifying emotions around meal/snacks.

Breaking Bad [Habits]

You will use some of the realizations you had from the last two weeks to start creating new healthy habits. We will review the anatomy of habits and you will identify challenges that you want to turn into changes.


This week we dive into how to stay on track while traveling.

Un-Process Your Food

You will begin experimenting with more nutrient dense food options to swap for some of your processed and refined go-to meals and snacks.

Reading Nutrition Labels

You will become a Nutrition Facts label reading sleuth and be able to determine if the food is nourishing and healing for you or if it is more inflammatory for you.

Sleep and Meditation

Your diet isn’t only what you eat. It’s how you sleep, it’s the connections with the people you surround yourself with, and the way you move your body. This week we will focus on sleep and meditation.

Setting Up Your Kitchen

This week is about setting up your kitchen for success, mentally and physically. Let’s go!

WTF (Where’s the Fiber)

Most Americans consume 2-3x the amount of protein they need, but only 5% of Americans consume enough fiber. This week we implement WTF: where’s the fiber!

Community and Connections

THIS is so important. We all NEED to feel loved and connected in life. Let’s dive deeper into the importance of community and connections.

Eating Out

Eating out is a part of life that brings enjoyment to so many people. Learn how to make healthy menu selections wherever you eat!


Sitting is the new smoking. This week you will identify exercises that you enjoy and you get to start implementing!

Putting It All Together

We want to hear from you: what’s working, what’s holding you back, what can you do to set yourself up for continued success?