About Yolanda Rivera-Caudill

Dr. Rivera-Caudill (aka Dr. Beet) is Board Certified in Pediatrics and a Diplomate in Lifestyle Medicine with over 30 years of experience. She is passionate about teaching children and their families the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine: healthy nutrition, physical activity, sleep, relaxation, social connection and avoiding substances. She recognizes the power that instilling these early on has in the prevention of chronic disease during childhood and into adulthood. She is involved online and in several local organizations in Savannah, GA to help convey this message to the community at large.

Yolanda Rivera-Caudill’s Services


A complete history and assessment of your child's physical and mental development


Counseling on children's mental health issues, including depression and anxiety


Digestive issue support, including constipation and diarrhea


Overweight and Obesity Counseling


In-depth review and analysis of laboratory testing


60 and 30 minute telemedicine sessions


Pricing: $200 for an initial 60-minute session, and $125 for a 30-minute follow-up. Visit packages available upon request.

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Dr. Rivera-Caudill is originally from Florida, Puerto Rico. She graduated Cum Laude from University of Puerto Rico and studied Medicine in Universidad Central del Caribe. She moved to Miami, FL in 1988 for her residency and outpatient fellowship at Miami Children Hospital (now Nicklaus Children’s Hospital), then moved to Savannah, GA in 2008 with her husband and three kids. In December 2018, after much frustration of her increasing number of patients afflicted with obesity and adult illnesses, she discovered Lifestyle Medicine. This newfound passion drove her to open. Since then, it has been her mission to educate herself and find ways to impart this knowledge to her patients.

In February 2019 completed a trainIng in Culinary Coaching by Harvard Medical School and Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. In October 2019 became Diplomate of the Academy of Lifestyle Medicine and in April 2021 with the help of her three grown up children, and her husband she opened the doors of The Tiny Beet, a General Pediatrics Lifestyle Medicine office in Savannah, GA.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions

Where do you see patients?

Dr. Rivera-Caudill sees patient in Florida and Georgia.

Do you see patients outside of the USA?

Yes, through innovative avenues such as telemedicine and our patient portal, we do offer services internationally.

How much do you charge for your services?

Dr. Rivera-Caudill charges $200 for an initial 60-minute consultation, and $125 for 30-minute follow-ups.